Food and Nutrition

I host a podcast on food and nutrition. Below are some audio selections from the show.

A discussion on obesity with Dr. Stephan Guyenet from Whole Health Source [mp3]

I discuss resveratrol and grape seed extract with Sridhar Radhakrishnan, currently a visiting scholar at Penn State. He is a guru of the gut and pandit of probiotics [mp3]

My review of the nutrition documentary Fat Head [mp3]

My interview with Dr. Mike Rosenfeld about the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis [mp3]

Discussions with Carrie Dennet, Seattle Times columnist and master of all things relating to food and health:

Conjugated linoleic acid, beef, and their implications on health [mp3]

The link between eggs and heart disease [mp3]

Trans fat alternatives and organic foods [mp3]

Nutrition and pregnancy [mp3]

Freethought and Skepticism

I used to do a podcast on freethought and skepticism called Leaders in Free Thought (or LiFT) that was an extension of the CSU student organization of the same name. I no longer produce that podcast, but the shows are still available on Below are some of my favorite episodes.

My interview with Luke Muehlhauser, currently the executive director of MIRI (Machine Intelligence Research Institute), but back then he was just an information technologist with a strong interest in philosophy, rationality, and naturalism. [mp3]

My interview with Dan Barker, author and co-president (with his wife) of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. [mp3]

My interview with Dr. Darrel Ray, psychologist, author, and all-around cool guy. [mp3]

My discussion with Mark Edward, psychic, mentalist, and perhaps the most interesting man in the world. No, really. [mp3]

Discussions with Dr. Alastair Norcross and Joel MacClellan about animal welfare. [mp3]